School Counselors

School Counselors

The role of the school counselor is unique and highly essential.  With training in learning strategies, adolescent development, social skills, and self-management, the school counselor is a prime resource for the success of the diverse high school students that will become part of today’s fast-paced economic society.

The development period for students during their high school years is vital and school counselors are there to assist with many aspects of the students’ lives.  The knowledge and skills used by school counselors will help serve as the academic, career, and social foundation of a student’s future success.

The College Planning Process

As students progress through high school and begin approaching that transition to college, more and more attention becomes focused on not only what to study and where to study, but also on how to pay the ever-rising costs involved with higher education.

As a subset of the overall college planning process, applying for admission and college funding is often portrayed as a formality; a straight-forward process that anyone can do by themselves for free.  That’s simply not the way it works.

The School Counselor

The school counselor obviously plays a vital role in the foundation of higher education and we applaud your work and dedication.  Given the complexity of the overall college planning process, however, there are simply just not enough hours in the day for the school counselor to address each and every aspect that students and their families will face.

The American College Foundation Resources

In addition to our annual Visionary Scholarship Program, the American College Foundation also assists students and parents with those all-important answers beyond the training, scope, and focus of the school counselor.

The American College Foundation serves as a trusted ‘cornerstone’ resource for high school students, their parents, and school counselors alike.  The American College Foundation delivers valuable insight and vital step-by-step procedures, all from the families’ perspective, without bias or a hidden agenda.

American College Foundation Resources


Well-Rounded Student

The importance of effective high school preparation and the eight most-often considered aspects of the student’s profile.

Pre-Admission Testing

Quick reference to upcoming test dates and registration details.


Career Ideas

Hi-lighted approach to the student’s career exploration.

College Options

Four key points to consider when searching for the perfect college.


Admission Applications

Six important components of the admission application process.

College Funding Procedures

Inside look at the overall college funding (financial aid) process.

Campus Visits

Eight vital aspects of the campus visit to always consider.