Career Ideas

Career Ideas

With all the possible careers, it is important to take the time necessary to explore your options.

Your career choice obviously sets the foundation for your future.

What interests you now?

What are your strongest abilities today?

Put in the time early and weed out things that just don’t fit.  It can be a lot less costly to change your mind while in high school rather than after you have started college.

Your 90,000 Hours

90,000 hours is a long time, isn’t it?  Did you realize that, on average, 90,000 hours is the amount of time a person spends in his or her career during their lifetime?  40 hours a week, from the age of 20-65 with two weeks of vacation every year … and that’s just on average working as an employee for another person.

90,000 hours doesn’t take into account any overtime, nor does it consider those entrepreneurs who work endless hours developing, mining, and creating on their own.  What about a doctor or attorney or other professionals?  Consider their schedules, schooling and endless hours devoted to their careers.

What will you do with your 90,000 hours?  How can those hours be used to best fulfill your ambitions and goals?  How can those hours be spent to productively benefit not only you but those directly affected by your aptitudes and interests?  And what can you do NOW to ensure that you utilize your 90,000 hours most productively and efficiently?

Finding the Best Fit

What careers do your aptitudes and interests parallel?  The possibilities are endless, aren’t they?  And the decision is one of the biggest ones you will ever make.  You have an entire road map in front of you and countless opportunities lay ahead.

Anything from forensic engineer to fashion stylist, meteorologist to music therapist, pilot to private detective … what is it that grabs your attention?  What appeals to you?  What makes your heart beat a bit faster?  What do you intend to devote your 90,000 hours to?

It’s imperative that careful consideration be given to your career choice.  Examine what is most appropriate and suitable to you, your interests, your capabilities, and your talents.  Your profession will be more fulfilling to you in the long run if deliberate thought is given to these things now.  In addition, your college experience will be more economically-efficient and rewarding if your career goal is reached on a direct path without having to reroute your way several times.


One of the best ways for you to end up in a career that’s right for you is to take the time necessary and do the research.  If you put in the time to find a career path you are passionate about, you will be much more focused while in college and much more likely to graduate and prosper in your chosen field.


To better explore your wide range of career options, be an active participant in clubs, organizations, activities, and especially different classes.  This will help you further discover your likes and dislikes, which will help you find your eventual career path.  Actually, this works two-fold as colleges love active participants.

Part Time Job

Here’s another one that kills two birds with one stone – college admissions officers look at far more than just your grades and test scores.  In addition to earning a little extra money, a part time job will help you with time management and also give you experience in taking direction from someone besides a parent or teacher.

Real Time Research

Another very beneficial method or researching possible careers is to connect directly with someone in the field you are considering.  Ask your school counselor, parents, and friends if they know someone who you could meet with to find out more about the ‘real time’ workings of the occupation.

High School Courses

It’s very important to make sure you are taking the appropriate high school courses that are ‘tailored’ to the career path / college major you are pursuing.  This will not only make the best use of your time during your high school years, but will also increase your chances of acceptance by the colleges.

Career Fairs

When researching careers, the more information you can explore, gather, and review, the better.  By attending career fairs you may find that you actually have an interest in a career that you had never considered.  You will also likely be able to find out more regarding which schools offer the program(s) that interest you.